Nile University of Nigeria Postgraduate School was established in 2014/2015 session after the approval by National University Commission. Administratively, it is structured into two units namely, Office of the Dean and the Secretariat.  The University comprises of four faculties; Faculty of Arts and Social sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences and Faculty of Engineering. All faculties have established postgraduate studies ranging from Postgraduate Diploma to Doctoral Degree. The postgraduate school curriculums are in line with the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards requirement by National University Commission.

The main objectives of the Postgraduate school are:

  1. Develop, in graduate students, the spirit enquiry through training and research.
  2. Create an atmosphere of intellectual independence and individual creativity.
  3. Train manpower in areas that will complement national and global efforts for socio-economic development.
  4. Produce skilled manpower for the advancement of the nation in science technology.


The main objective of Postgraduate Studies in the University is to further develop in higher studies, the spirit of enquiry through training in research in an atmosphere of Intellectual independence and individual creativity. Hence, graduate studies are usually associated with a high degree of specialization; such specialization must be secondary to extending mental horizons, producing new orientations and developing great depth of understanding. Within the context of the above general objective, Postgraduate Studies at the University provides advanced educational opportunities to both the developing scholars and the working professionals. Specifically, postgraduate students are provided with both the theoretical and
research oriented knowledge for effective functioning in relevant fields. Postgraduate School also provides an in-depth knowledge for those who would like to take up career in research related fields, a base for independent intellectual work and Problem solving approach.